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How To Be A Real And True Friend.

Meet my True Friend

Being a friend has really never proved to be a great task but being a real and true one could definitely suck the juice out of you. 
Friendship as quoted anonymously “isn’t about whom you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life and said “I’m here for you” and proved it.”

Firstly, real friends are honest. You cannot venture into a business or even a relationship and succeed without this quality, honesty. If you want to be a real and true friend you have to be honest with yourself first of all. This also means you have to be real and true to yourself, without this you cannot be same to someone else.
When you have the ability to tell yourself the truth, it won’t be difficult to tell your friend the truth. For instance, it takes a lot to tell a friend about his/her dirty habits. So, you’d rather stand by while people twitch their noses at him/her. When he/she comes crying, you become the most wonderful emotional towel to dry the tears instead of being really honest. So to be a real friend, you have to be honest.

Indeed, honest friends are often neglected but when tough decisions come by, you’ll be the first to know. This is why another attribute is necessary when even being an honest friend; your ability to know and understand your friend’s weaknesses. This way you know when and how appropriate it is to speak the truth, to talk to your friend or to even give him/her some space. 

You can carry out different activities with him/her and be a winner at it if you can give room for understanding. Understanding however takes time to be built, it is a school for eternity, like they say: “you can never really know someone completely, what makes the difference is you trying”.

Overtime, what builds a strong friendship are the five magic words: Please, excuse me, sorry, thank you and pardon me. Wherever necessary that these words apply, it is important to say them. It means you respect and appreciate your friend. No real and true friendship is too old for these words.

Furthermore, to be a real and true friend involves you being selfless. This is indeed hard as no one actually wants to be selfless. You could get into situations where you are there for friends but they never show up for you. Being selfless is therefore a decision. Your friend might not do same for you but it is what makes you real and true and you’ll surely be rewarded, “one good turn deserves another”, they say.

Many attributes that make up a real and true friend seem to show up time after time but finally, no one wants a blabber mouth and a back stabber for a friend, so to be a real and true friend you have to be loyal and trustworthy.

Being loyal means your friend can count on you at all times. It means no one can easily get comfortable around you when gossiping about your friend, as funny as it may sound. It means you are always standing in for him/her. Being trustworthy adds up that you can keep a secret, you are like a secret power house, a standby to your friend.

However, real and true friends have always been those who see themselves in their friends and are willing to even die for them, it may sound extreme but it is a fact. It remains nostalgic how years back a man was willing to give up a kidney to save his brother’s life despite the odds that the ailment might also come for him too. He explained: “I found a friend in my brother, I cannot do without him”. He didn’t die; he was and is still his friend’s power house. Nothing has actually been better than meeting a friend who is willing to be true as you want to be to him/her.


Xoxo 💋

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My Natural Hair and Body Products Guide

This is my body oil and bath soap. I actually got these items from Team natural, her Instagram handle @teamnaturalng this is a coconut oil and a polishing blacksoap all natural products. These products are really great on me, so I had to re-order. I actually got to know about Team natural last year, through a friend. 

I must say you need to use natural products. I believe what is good for the mouth(stomach) is good for the body as well.. 

This is made in Nigeria. I use this as a body lotion,it’s really great for everyone both nursing mothers, woman after labor and for children. It’s really great, you should try both.

These are my little products for my hair.. Firstly, is “Natures Gentle Touch” Herbalblend Intensive Leave-in Conditioner, this is really good for me, it helped me when I had real damaged hair, well I fell in love with it, I got it from Shoprite. It’s affordable too. 

Secondly, is my Olive Oil Hair Lotion Moisturizing, well it does the same thing as the first, but it’s great on my hair. 

Thirdly, is Olive Oil Shampoo, this product I do love it, it makes my hair smooth,healthy, bright and silky. It’s a great product too. 

Lastly, is Na Moda Naturals, it’s my herbal hair treatment butter, I reallllly love this, the ingredients in this product you gonna love it. It contains: coconut oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil, thyme essential oil, cedar wood oil, rosemary essential oil and lavender essential oil. This product is the reason I don’t take my other oils out most times 🙂 it helps for hair growth. It’s really great on my hair, my hair is just few weeks old but I’m loving it.

Lots of love

Xoxo 💋

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7 Best Guides to Pack for a Weekend Trip

Mondays to Fridays are always filled with the thick air of work and many would want to plunge in quickly to the saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. 

The most attempted option to save you from a breakdown would most likely be a weekend trip. To mum and dad’s, your dream resort or a favorite relaxation, the trip is definitely one that should help you relax from the consistent routine at your work place and would still not create a large hole in your pocket within a short period of time.
⁠⁠⁠The only problem as we start with a head trip of that hangout we have always wanted to go to would be the one million dollar question, “What do I take along or simply, how do I pack?” You are very excited and want to take a lot with you probably forgetting it’s just a weekend trip. The main objective above all is not forgetting the most important items. Here we are to the rescue, you are about to get served with the seven (7) best guides to help you out.

1) Be informed: Right now, you most probably know where you are going to but more than knowing where it is more important to be informed about where you are going to; you should get to know for a start the weather conditions, is it cold like the city of Jos, Nigeria or hot/sunny like the country Benin Republic, you need to know. Also get information on the security conditions of the place; this might even result to a change of location.

2) Important items first: Now you are about to board a flight or travel by road to see your parents in a country house or to a resort or visit friends. It is a good suggestion to make a check list of all your personal items by priority. If you are travelling out of the state or country, ensure you pack your travel documents. 

You might have to keep tabs on your mail so do not forget your laptop or phone, whichever is most convenient. Finally, if you are on medications, this should be among your priority check. You don’t want to have a heavy luggage, so try as much as possible to make sure the items you pack are top on your list.

3) Essential toiletries: It’s good to have a bag pack with essential toiletries like your bath wash, toothpaste, toilet rolls, deodorants etc. it’s easy to slip these into your bag and it saves you the cost of getting them at dream resort, where they might be expensive or unavailable, so this is important especially for those who are sensitive to items like this.

4) Pack only necessary clothing: 
Having a good idea of where you are going to helps in your choice of clothes. Though this also depends on your style, it is important to remember we don’t want to take a whole closet along as you won’t need much clothing. 

A good advice is to take something you are comfortable with and try taking along black jeans which you could slip into twice and tops to match. 

You can wear the same clothing for either flights or the trip to and fro. Also, taking an extra pair of clothing or a gown for the ladies is advisable. Who knows, you might be having a date *winks*

5) Be health conscious: It’s also important to be health conscious especially if you are taking a trip to your dream resort for the first time. Ensure to take with you an insecticide repellant and perhaps a water guard because of unsanitary plumbing. Always remember you are taking a trip to enhance your fitness at work not to get admitted in the hospital.

6) Take few items to pass away time: You are probably very excited about this trip but you also don’t want to get bored along the way while travelling. You don’t need to pack many magazines or novels, you can make do with one novel or two if you love reading, you can also buy a magazine at the airport if you are taking a flight. Help yourself with a headset, if you are a music lover, while packing. Don’t forget your camera! You will need it at your hang out or during the trip.

7) Money: Credit cards, cash; it’s very important to remember these, it’s in fact important to consider this before taking a trip. 

Do make sure you hold enough cash to take you through the weekend. It’s advisable to make a budget since you have been informed about where you are going to. The hotel fees, cost of feeding and other costs involved. If you need to change the currency, be prepared.

Enjoy your trip!