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7 Best Guides to Pack for a Weekend Trip

Mondays to Fridays are always filled with the thick air of work and many would want to plunge in quickly to the saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. 

The most attempted option to save you from a breakdown would most likely be a weekend trip. To mum and dad’s, your dream resort or a favorite relaxation, the trip is definitely one that should help you relax from the consistent routine at your work place and would still not create a large hole in your pocket within a short period of time.
⁠⁠⁠The only problem as we start with a head trip of that hangout we have always wanted to go to would be the one million dollar question, “What do I take along or simply, how do I pack?” You are very excited and want to take a lot with you probably forgetting it’s just a weekend trip. The main objective above all is not forgetting the most important items. Here we are to the rescue, you are about to get served with the seven (7) best guides to help you out.

1) Be informed: Right now, you most probably know where you are going to but more than knowing where it is more important to be informed about where you are going to; you should get to know for a start the weather conditions, is it cold like the city of Jos, Nigeria or hot/sunny like the country Benin Republic, you need to know. Also get information on the security conditions of the place; this might even result to a change of location.

2) Important items first: Now you are about to board a flight or travel by road to see your parents in a country house or to a resort or visit friends. It is a good suggestion to make a check list of all your personal items by priority. If you are travelling out of the state or country, ensure you pack your travel documents. 

You might have to keep tabs on your mail so do not forget your laptop or phone, whichever is most convenient. Finally, if you are on medications, this should be among your priority check. You don’t want to have a heavy luggage, so try as much as possible to make sure the items you pack are top on your list.

3) Essential toiletries: It’s good to have a bag pack with essential toiletries like your bath wash, toothpaste, toilet rolls, deodorants etc. it’s easy to slip these into your bag and it saves you the cost of getting them at dream resort, where they might be expensive or unavailable, so this is important especially for those who are sensitive to items like this.

4) Pack only necessary clothing: 
Having a good idea of where you are going to helps in your choice of clothes. Though this also depends on your style, it is important to remember we don’t want to take a whole closet along as you won’t need much clothing. 

A good advice is to take something you are comfortable with and try taking along black jeans which you could slip into twice and tops to match. 

You can wear the same clothing for either flights or the trip to and fro. Also, taking an extra pair of clothing or a gown for the ladies is advisable. Who knows, you might be having a date *winks*

5) Be health conscious: It’s also important to be health conscious especially if you are taking a trip to your dream resort for the first time. Ensure to take with you an insecticide repellant and perhaps a water guard because of unsanitary plumbing. Always remember you are taking a trip to enhance your fitness at work not to get admitted in the hospital.

6) Take few items to pass away time: You are probably very excited about this trip but you also don’t want to get bored along the way while travelling. You don’t need to pack many magazines or novels, you can make do with one novel or two if you love reading, you can also buy a magazine at the airport if you are taking a flight. Help yourself with a headset, if you are a music lover, while packing. Don’t forget your camera! You will need it at your hang out or during the trip.

7) Money: Credit cards, cash; it’s very important to remember these, it’s in fact important to consider this before taking a trip. 

Do make sure you hold enough cash to take you through the weekend. It’s advisable to make a budget since you have been informed about where you are going to. The hotel fees, cost of feeding and other costs involved. If you need to change the currency, be prepared.

Enjoy your trip!




My name is Pauline Kalu, I am a Photojournalist, a creative entrepreneur, freelance writer and a travel blogger. I’m a Nigerian lady but claim Beninoise, i am in my early 20s., Growing up, i’ve been called all sorts of names by friends and family; names such as Modela, commissioner of police, Shugarr, PC, Chichipim, Paula, Chichipawpaw and all sorts, But one name I really loved was given to me by my best friend Joy . She called me “Paula the Ladyphotographer” Well , I’m a very outgoing person, some friends think I'm shy, but I'm not. I love to go out and explore new places, I love trying out new delicacies. A lot of my friends ask me for suggestions as to places they can go to for fun, or somewhere different and i’ve had quite a number of interesting options for them. And basically my blog is about my travel experiences and I'll also be sharing some other content, fashion/not fashion related, but I'll try to keep it interesting. I’ll keep you posted on all my explorations and inform you on how you can get to these places. I hope you like my posts and stick around for a long time and also feel free to ask any questions. Contact me on : Instagram:@ladyphotographer01 / @kingpaula__

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